The Kids Club School

CBSE Result

One of the best schools in Jaipur

Kids Club School is one of the best schools in Jaipur and is affiliated to CBSE offering education from play group to senior secondary level located at mansarovar, jaipur. School is run and managed by group of Educationists & Administrators who are in the field of innovative education for more than 4 decades and associated with world largest privately owned educational organization. Kids Club School located offer a consciousness based education curriculum, balanced, contextualized to the school student from play group to class 12th that will prepare them comprehensively for life oriented, value based individual and form a firm base for study in higher classes and fulfill the goal of education i.e. Action – Achievements- Fulfillment.

Why Kids Club School

Kids Club School Management is striving to build a strong foundation for its students. We develop values in our students by molding their behaviors, providing them encouraging environment and goal oriented atmosphere.


Beyond Acedemics

Education should be defined as the process of nurturing the individual to display perfection in life. Education should enable any individual to spontaneously utilize the total creative intelligence of
Nature Law


Our Ethos

Children are the future of every country around the world. To lead the children on the right path is very essential. Schools are main source to make the children real and productive citizens of the country.


Our Approach

Kids Club School provides nurturing environments to develop the igniting minds of its students. We support our students by providing them friendly support and motivated approach towards growth and building trust and respect.



Spacious and bright classrooms with all modern amenities for students at Kids Club School. Classrooms are designed enough for comfortable teaching and easy sittings provides optimum environment to develop a strong bond of students with their teachers.



Kids Club School is well-structured educational institute formed with various Labs for practical exposure to students.

Our labs include Computer Lab, Science Lab, and Maths lab.



Sports are a very significant part of an exemplary education system.

It is necessary for the overall development of a child. Our students experience vast sports facilities in the school premises on a regular basis.



We organize Adventure activities and trips for all our students either at school grounds or arranged outside.

Each of our adventure activity promotes educational and personal development in line with the national curriculum of the school.


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