5 low cost ways to make the most out of summer vacations for your kid

Summer vacation is the time children love most. It’s a time to follow interests, discover new passions, and experiment. As a parent, we have a responsibility to channelize the energy of our kids in a direction that help them to build their personality & character. You can help your kid to use summer vacations to master the new skills so that he makes maximum out of his/her vacation. Kids club school (one of the best schools in mansarovar Jaipur) organizes summer camps every year. Here is a list of few activities you can get enrolled or indulge your kids on/off campus. YOGA One of the biggest challenge today adults is finding in today’s stressful life is to make balance in work & personal life. But the problem of this huge enormity has a very simple solution. We were never told in our school days this simple technique, but you as a parent can help your Kid to learn & practice yoga & pranayam so that they are better prepared for the rest of their life. Yoga & pranayam not only help to increase concentration power, it keeps you fit also. Moreover, this is completely free & in-house activity your kid can master. CRAFT Art activity is a terrific way for kids of all ages to express themselves. Learning new craft not only enables kids with new skill sets but it also gives them a sense of accomplishment. There are numerous activities you can enroll your kid in summer vacations for learning art & craft which will help them to spark imagination & creativity. If you also as a parent have inclination towards art, then you can help your child to indulge your kid in art & creative ideas at home too. There are a number of activities you can involve with your kid at home without needing much of the investment like color & Painting, art with waste material at home, paper art etc. GARDNING Taking care of the plants is taking care of lives. If we care plants, the plants will care for us.  Teaching your child about how important it is to take care of environment right at home will not only enable him/her use the summer vacation wisely, but also help to learn to make a contribution towards community & environment. Gardening is a very beautiful activity to enjoy. Helping him/her with a bit of technical knowledge about giving manure, fertilizers and other plant health issues, will help to take care of plants in detail. This also provides enough space for creating emotional bondage with plants & so it’s an emotionally full filling activity too. DANCE & ACTING Mastering at least one creative activity always helps a kid throughout his/her life whenever he/she face challenges in life. Activities like dancing & acting not only helps kids to express their emotions but also takes them to the journey of solitude & relaxation. Most of us still have fear of facing public at stage, but learning dance & acting also help us to build leadership & team spirit at an early stage. BOOK READING Cultivating a habit of reading in your child at an early stage is the best gift you can give to your child for his entire life. Books are best friends & guide. At a time when there is so much negativity around us, books act as a true guide for your children whenever they are in dilemma of right and wrong. Get enrolled your child this summer to some public library or get copies of some interesting books fit for your kids age at home itself. Try to set a communication with your kid about the book topic and story to create interest for those particular books. Book not only help you to get out of intricate situations of life but also help you to take right decisions whenever you are in a stage of dilemma in your life. The most important point you should keep in mind while buying books for your child is that you should only buy books which are suitable & interesting for his/her age group and it should not be driven by your choice & interests.