Chaiperson’s Message

founderMy Dear Students & Respected Parents,
It gives me pleasure to welcome you all as Kids Club School enter to a new decade in providing top-class education. The school continues towards establishing the high standards of education. With the guidance of the school Founding Father, we are able to deliver value-based contemporary education for our student’s holistic development. We believe the institute is a temple of learning and providing students with ample opportunities to develop their skills and personalities by not only becoming great scholars but also responsible citizens.

Education means to make a bridge among knower, known and process of knowing. Every student should gain the fruits of all knowledge- life free from mistake and suffering- Life in fulfilment. The basis of all life, endowed with the ability to know anything, do anything and accomplish anything.

The process of education starts- first experience, then understanding, then application, then verification, then authenticity: then organise to perpetuate this holistic path of enlightenment through tradition of teaching in long corridors of time- by adopting traditional school of thoughts and modern system of education to achieve the ultimate goal of life with quality living.
Kids Club School offer a Consciousness Based Education Curriculum, Balanced, Contextualized to the school student fro play group to class secondary that will prepare them comprehensive for life oriented , value based individual and form a firm base for study in higher classes and fulfil the goal of education i.e Action-Achievements-Fulfilment

The curriculum of Kids Club School is based on the mantra, “Life is Bliss” and ‘Let children be themselves’. Where children are given wings. The school also ensures the they develop strong roots. Most importantly, children are loved and made to feel cherished so that they approach life with a positive attitude. In a way, Kids Club School ushers the child into a world of possibilities, where his/her personalities blossoms.
Life is bliss Y you can accomplish what you desire by determination, disciple, dedication & devotion.

Our moto is“tat sanidhayo ver tyagah”. Revert The Enemy Before Its Birth – Enmity Converts Into Coherence.
I take this opportunity to thank all parents for their valuable suggestions and request them to keep doing so and help us on the perennial basis.