Best Schools in Jaipur, Top Schools in Rajasthan, English Medium School

Best Schools in Rajasthan, Top Schools in Jaipur, English Medium School: As we are one of the Best Schools in Rajasthan, our main goal at Kids Club School is to support kids – to make them educated, enlightened people who are valiantly humane, caring and articulate; who can grab each chance to pick up, looking to…Read More

5 low cost ways to make the most out of summer vacations for your kid

Summer vacation is the time children love most. It’s a time to follow interests, discover new passions, and experiment. As a parent, we have a responsibility to channelize the energy of our kids in a direction that help them to build their personality & character. You can help your kid to use summer vacations to…Read More

Be Curious. We’re OK With That

It’s said that you are truly alive if you are curious about the life. If you have a lot of question in mind about the life, you are absolutely normal and in right path. The pursuit of getting the answers to these questions makes the life rolling. Sometimes, the society says such curious people crazy…Read More

Why Sports Form An Integral Part Of Kids’ Education?

Good to see is that the modern day parents have started realizing the importance of sports. Still, there are a lot of people not serious about sports or don’t realize about its relevance. It is a great move by the Indian government to integrate yoga. Similarly, sports should also be made an integral part of…Read More