Day Boarding Hostel in Jaipur|Rajasthan

Kids club school provide Boarding hostel facility in Mansarovar, Jaipur. Kids club school is the best boarding school in Jaipur, Rajasthan. People who are staying at remote place of Rajasthan can can get their children admitted to Kids club boarding school so that the education of their children do not gets disbalanced and kids can continue their growth in the most positive environment in Jaipur city.  We focus to deliver education and positive values to kids by being their guardians and teachers. Our hostel is equipped in order to provide best facilities for children who are staying in boarding away from their home. We are awarded as the “best boarding school of Rajasthan”. Health and hygiene are always our top priority.

We have innate intuition to build career of children of India; hence we are dedicated to give best boarding facilities as per need of children. Rooms of hostel are cozy and comfy and food we provide to children are planned according to its nutritional value. Meal is duly checked before serving to children. Food chart is prepared by one of the best nutritionist of Rajasthan.

We think education is “partnership between 3” i.e.  Partnership is among teachers, children and parents. We are responsible for boarders staying at hostel. We have an eye on every activity done by children. Our values have made us best boarding school of Rajasthan.

Prayer makes a day and it is good habit to pray. We have a prayer session to make “India’s future” ritualistic, spiritual. Also we intend to develop scientific aptitude among children, thus various activities are conducted regularly to ignite the minds of kids. At our hostel children are fully equipped with various kinds of sports facilities so that they can live a fit life.  Come and visit us at boarding to see “how we are taking care of your children.” We sow to children at day boarding school to create better tomorrow.