Day Boarding School in Jaipur | Rajasthan

Kids Club day boarding school is located in heart of Jaipur- Mansarovar area. It is one of the best day boarding school in Rajasthan because of the facilities it provides to students and focuses on holistic development of every child. After going to home from school, children are very tired and thus do not get involved in any creative or sporty activities. Hence to eliminate this laziness and for all round development of children, Kids club school has brought the concept of Day boarding School in Jaipur. Here, various kinds of activities are conducted apart from studies so that a child’s mind remain active.
A healthy environment is the heart of any education and at Kids Club School, Mansarovar we provide well equipped infrastructure as well as a positive environment which help children to grow.
– We have a seminar hall with modern technology.
– Laboratories are fully furnished and well equipped.
– We have a fine arts center to develop artistic skill among children.
– We provide courses of dance, meditation, yoga & cultural Programs.
– We have started NCC programs to build tough quality and disciplined attitude among children.
– To provide healthy food in every meal of the day.
– To cultivate proper values among children.
– We arrange education tours within Rajasthan and in other states of a country.

With tender care, we have a vision to develop integrity among students in day boarding school education system in Mansarovar, Jaipur. Kids Club School is not just a school but it is an integrated approach of best model of Rajasthan, which makes us one of the best schools in Jaipur area. Our preliminary focus is children’s mental and physical wellbeing because only a “Healthy Mind can learn healthy values.” Enroll your children to cater best cultural values into their life.