About School

Kids Club School was established in 2003 and since then, the school has taken several steps forward in establishing high standards of education.

Kids Club School is a CBSE affiliated English medium school in Jaipur which is run and managed by a group of educationalists who are educating students for more than 40 years in association with one of the worlds largest educational organisations. We offer a consciousness based educational curriculum that is balanced and contextualized for the student. Kids Club School is spread over an area of up to two acres covered with a wide range of flora, along with a well-balanced curriculum. Kids Club School is an English medium school with Day-Boarding & Hostel facilities for the age group of students from 3-18 years old that provides ample space to stimulate the overall development of students.

Our aim is to mold our students into individuals that are capable of fulfilling their own goals while upholding the interests of others. As we believe that the purpose of educating a person is to make sure that he/she grows up to become an asset to his/her society who have a sense of self-government of his/her own actions instead of becoming a liability.

We have a workforce of 30 very well-trained and highly experienced teachers that work together to ensure that children arent just taught but educated. Additionally, a person whose only job is to ensure that the quality standards of food, education, facilities etc. arent compromised on any level is employed as an overall manager who directly reports to the Director of the school to bring out the solutions to any risen problems surrounding this issue.