Our Ethos

  • 1.  To stress on the all-round development of every child and to build confidence and self-equipped individuals.
  • 2.  To ensure academic excellence with result-oriented intensive coaching by specialized professional staff.
  • 3.  To imbibe such values among the students that will help them to cross all hurdles and barriers in life.
  • 4.  To inculcate in the students an enhanced aesthetic sensibility to improve the quality of life.
  • 5.  To develop the students’ individual thinking abilities, to distinguish between right and wrong and to take unerring decisions with vast futuristic vision in the face of a challenging environment.
  • 6.  To nurture the development of students with voluntary parental participation in pertinent school activities.
  • 7.  To foster an atmosphere where all students feel they are valued members of the community.