Information or application: the real challenge we face in our education system today

The dream of every parent is to see their child getting exceptionally good grades. Schools & coaching are being focused developing technique’s that help students to score marks. And irrespective of cities across the nation, be it schools in Mansarovar Jaipur or a school in New Delhi , we are generating students mugging up information in the textbooks to score marks. And the result; students are grown confused individuals trying to find their route to success professionally & personally both. They need a guru, or reference books for every challenge they face throughout the life. Well, who is at fault? Everyone! Parents, school and our overall education system. While parents nowadays have started realizing the importance of an education system that usher their kids to an environment which can help them to grow as a well-developed personality, still there are real challenges lying to be tackled. The real challenge that lies within the education system in India is the worth of education that is being delivered to the students, as most of the education that is provided to students in India is usually theoretical and its lacks the practical characteristic. A school that focus on developing student’s mind that can apply the information they read in the textbooks is the need of the time and we at Kids club school understands its responsiblity as one of the best schools in Jaipur and encourage our students to attain ability to think analytically and develop a sense which can help them to apply information they read and learn and innovate systems which are useful for society.  Your Kid have every right to grow as a well groomed personality who does not have confusions about his/her career or personal life choices.  As a parent you are required to identify an educational institute for your child that offers superb amenities along with well-developed system which instill values and grow them as responsible, sensible individuals who can decide what is the best form them